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Wisconsin or Bust!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Jesse and I made the 30 hour roundtrip drive to Wausau, WI to pickup our two new TC Teardrops. We've been dreaming of this trip since last Fall when were able to order and secure a spot on the year-long build list at TC Teardrops. Last Wednesday, we finally received the call that they were complete and ready to make the journey to their forever home. The long Labor Day weekend provided the perfect opportunity to pack up our little girls and hit the open road.

Our youngest daughter, Addie, was able to enjoy a long weekend with grandparents, while our 3 year-old, Lucy, braved half the trek for a weekend layover in Louisville, KY for non-stop fun with her cousins. An action-packed weekend with the girls sure beats a two day sentence in car seat prison.

The cross county drive turned out to be far more relaxing than anticipated. We traded the towering pines and bustling interstates of the South for the golden rows of corn of America's heartland. Wisconsin was a particularly enjoyable drive for me driving as it registered a new state for me on my states visited life list. There is something ruggedly beautiful about that part of the country which spends what seems like half the year under snow's heavy blanket. Jesse and I arrived in Rothschild, WI Friday night and picked up the new shiny additions in Wausau bright and early on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet Todd and Carol Mowrer - Owners of TC Teardops. However, their son Alex, was kind enough to meet us at sun up and we were able to quickly resume the road trip marathon. Todd and Carol own and operate the teardrop manufacturing business and are a model for customer service. We can't speak highly enough about them, the way they operate their business, and the quality of their craftsmanship.

Driving back with teardrops in tow re-kindled a years' worth of buried anticipation and sparked new excitement for trips and memories that await our family and yours! We cannot wait to see the great places these will go and hear of the amazing memories they have yet to create. For more information on the manufacturer of our campers, please visit:

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